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Meet the Queer Italian-Canadian Artists

Since 2021, our research team has conducted 17 qualitative interviews with queer Italian-Canadian artists. Our pool of interviewees reflects a diverse range of gender and sexual identities, including lesbian, bisexual, gay, trans, non-binary, women and men. Similarly, we capture various migration experiences, spanning from first to third-generation migrants and originating from both northern and southern regions of Italy, and within Canadian urban and suburban contexts across provinces. 

By examining the experiences and cultural contributions of these creators, our goal is to document the potential tensions between queer and Italian-Canadian identities, while emphasizing that these intersecting identities can be productively and inclusively integrated.

Below you will find a selection of queer Italian-Canadian artists who have agreed to be publicly featured on our project's digital documentation platform. On each artist's page, you will find a short clip from their interview, a biography, and an excerpt of their work. 


This page will be updated regularly to reflect our growing pool of interview subjects. 

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