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Giallo (2021) by Steff Juniper Mendolia

canary yellow plastic

spirals swirled by Turini women’s hands

fixed in the unmistakable scent of camphor

churning out skeletal celluloid suits

writing utensils for rich men memos


Senora sweats through her linens

    to ease

Her children’s hunger





in a city gone silent from


On the other side of the world

the pen her painstaking body-borned

sells for thirteen thousand dollars

By a man in a bowtie

Glistening under violent florescent lights

the temporary limerence

of commodity fetishism

a predilection of

      high fashion cannibals


bleached white veiny stubby hands signing

Limitless cheques

cash-filled loneliness

uncomforted by the

poverty of soul

scribbling prescriptions

     for Lexapro

to numb the rich

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