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Ariana Magliocco


Ariana Magliocco (she/they) is a writer, researcher and visual artist. She has an MA in Social Justice Education from UofT OISE, with research interests in Italian-Canadian anti-racist solidarity building and queer liberation. Ariana uses cross-stitching as a meditative artistic practice, which pays homage to a matrilineal lineage of textile artists. Recently, they have been experimenting with collage and multi-media visual prose. 

Except from "How do I keep the edges of our fabric from fraying? // The threads that hold us together" (2023) by Ariana Magliocco

We are sitting at her kitchen table, and I am showing her the dress I need help hemming when she catches a glimpse of the coarse hair growing wildly on my legs.  


“Ancora questo potacci?”


potacci. I don’t know the direct translation, but the way she spits out the word with disgust is all the context I need. I’ve heard her use this word to describe the weeds that defiantly push through the cracks in her driveway despite the assault of chemicals sprayed each spring. 


“Maybe this is why you no have a boyfriend.” 


The sound of fatina sizzling on the stove fills the silence between us.


“I make the dress shorter by one inch. ok?” 



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