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Paul Coccia


Self-proclaimed Author of Glitterature, Paul Coccia writes award-winning books for young readers including On The Line coauthored with Eric Walters. He has an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Bristish Columbia. Paul lives in Toronto with his family, dogs, and a parrot who loves French fries.

Excerpt from Cub by Paul Coccia (Orca Book Publishers, 2019)


“I’m not going to apply,” I tell Di as I punch down my bread dough. With a few hits, it deflates. I look at my belly and wish I could do the same. Make it go from soft and squishy to washboard abs that would make other guys take notice. And maybe ask me out. I should probably do some sit-ups or crunches.

Di waves her arms. “Theo, you have to. It’s an amazing opportunity. And as your hag—”     

“You’re not my hag. I hate when you call yourself that. We can just be best friends.”

“Whatever, you know I’m always right. I said you should try to get into the school’s baking program. Now you’re its star.”

“I don’t know about star.”

She’s right though. She insisted I apply to this program and I love being in the kitchen, the feel of dough, the smells, the decorating, the tastes, the goodies at the end of it all. The problem is, I can’t help eating the delicious results. I’m sure when guys look at me all they see is a big, fat gay guy who bakes. It’s the recipe for a joke. And I’m the punch line.

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